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(2011) Natale In Sud Africa Download Utorrent Ita



Seems to me like it is a character encoding problem, where you are encoding your file with ISO-8859-1. When you encode a file with UTF-8, you get the error you have. Just re-encode your file with UTF-8.
The headers should look like this:
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Lightning rod

Lightning rods are an essential part of lightning protection systems for structural steel framing. They are designed to concentrate the negative charge of the lightning current to a point close to the ground and thus reduce the danger of high current overloads in nearby ground protection systems, such as electrical earth cables.

Lightning rod system

The basis for the structure of a lightning protection system is a lightning conductor consisting of one or more strands of copper, aluminium or steel, insulated from each other by a ceramic or polymer insulator. In the case of a steel lightning conductor, the strands of metal are connected together with wire.

Earth cables and ground rods

When lightning strikes a structure, the resulting current flow will also travel through the lightning conductor to earth. This charge current should not be allowed to enter the earth cables which carry the low voltage power distribution system. This is normally achieved with a metal box in which the cables are routed. In the event of a failure of the earth cables, earth rods can prevent damage to the structure by conducting the lightning current to ground.

Lightning protection system
The lightning protection system will also contain a lightning arrestor that is designed to prevent the lightning current from entering other electrical systems, such as the electrical power supply. This should be connected to earth with an earth cable.

Lightning protection system for steel framing
Lightning protection systems are designed for structural steel framing. They are most commonly installed in a single plane on the sides of the wall of a steel framed structure. They may also be installed on the roof and at the top of the structure.

A lightning protection system is designed to withstand the most likely lightning strike, based on the expected lightning weather conditions and location of the structure. A lightning protection system is typically constructed of one or more strands of high resistance conductor which are connected to the structural steel framing of the building. If there is no steel framing, for example if the structure is constructed of reinforced concrete, the lightning protection system may be constructed of just one strand of copper or aluminium.







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