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Easily calculate what you have earned or what you owe with our free, no-risk calculator software. You don’t need to know how to calculate compound interest, loan payments or mortgages — our interest calculator software does it for you. Interest Calculator is also great for money managers, accountants and anyone who is interested in compound interest. Interest Calculator is also a great way to practice your financial vocabulary.
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Interest Calculator Features:
Compound Interest Calculations – Interest Calculator computes interest by calculating the principal as well as the interest accumulated.
Loan Payments – Loans are paid back according to fixed and variable term. The interest is calculated on the basis of the term and the amount of the loan.
Interest Calculator Calculates Equated Monthly Installments – Interest Calculator calculates the sum of the interest amount and the principal for a specific loan or mortgage.
Financial Calculators – Interest Calculator computes the total amount of money one will earn and spend.
Calculate Loan Amortization – With loan amortization, you can learn the total amount you will pay for your loan, including both the principal and the interest.
Calculate Monthly EMI – With this free interest calculator software, you can calculate the EMI for any loan. Interest Calculator also provides the calculation of the total interest paid for a specific time frame and the principal amount that will be repaid.
Mortgage Calculator – Interest Calculator is a simple mortgage calculator that lets you determine how much your mortgage payment will be for a specific time period. It is also great for calculating the amount of interest that will be paid over a specific amount of time.
Financial Calculators – Interest Calculator computes the total amount of money one will earn and spend.
Savings Calculator – Interest Calculator calculates the sum of the interest amount and the principal amount for a specific sum of money.
Calculate Compound Interest – You can calculate the compound interest for any fixed and variable rate loan. You can also calculate the interest accumulated for a specific sum eea19f52d2

Provides an array of tools that can simplify the work of accountants. It can organize financial information by assigning it to categories and other objects, and it is possible to create user groups and sub-groups, with the purpose of keeping track of each organization’s duties.
It supports bank accounts and transactions, and allows users to generate reports and perform various functions. Aside from the functions mentioned above, users can also print monthly accounts, export data to Excel or PDF, and generate charts.
The client management tool allows users to handle four different types of client, including individual, group, corporate and village bank. Users can assign photos to each client’s profile, thus facilitating the identification process.
The loan management tool allows users to calculate interest in different manners and provides numerous other useful features. It is possible to schedule and manage payments, set interest rates, define installment fees, configure holiday and weekend days, if needed.
Apart from the functions described above, Octopus Micro Finance Suite also allows you to generate reports and packs various security-related options. For instance, users can benefit from password-protected unique access, customizable transaction limits, role-based control access and audit logs.
Reports can be either printed if users prefer keeping them as hard copies, or exported to a wide variety of formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLS or PDF, for future reference. This feature allows users to organize and keep track of a wide spectrum of information in a convenient manner, without having to access each corresponding function every time.
Octopus Micro Finance Suite Details:

Octopus Micro Finance Suite Requirements:

Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0, 4.5

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Windows

Octopus Micro Finance Suite Features:

Client management

Individual / group / corporate / village bank clients

Multiple bank accounts

Financial transactions

Prepaid cards

Credit / debit


Savings management

Loan management

Loan types (fixed-rate, variable rate, interest)


Repayment management

Payment schedule (weekly, monthly, based on date, fixed date)

Allow payments

Allow partial payments

Min and max installment fees

Interest rate

Date-based or accumulated installment fees

Loan period

Loan date

Vendor-specific funds

Charge an annual fee

Implementation time


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