Free version of the dash poem

Package contains more than 150 icons and graphic elements based on the windows vista (the future operating system of Microsoft) at an exemplary quality.

The image above is a Vista High PX Icon, which is a high-resolution icon pack of Windows Vista, that was uploaded to Icon Finder by an anonymous user on Thursday, July 13th, 2013, under the category Windows Icons.Q:

gcp storage: how to get the storage class name

I’m trying to understand how the storage class in GCP works. I’m trying to find an easy way to get the storage class name, from some properties of the GCS bucket. Is there an easy way to do this?
For example, I want to check if a bucket is used in a high-priority or low-priority storage class.


Bucket names include a name-part (e.g. and a storage-class-part (low/high/standard).
GCS_LINK/bucket has all the information you need for retrieving this information:

storageClassName: “low”

This has the advantage that you don’t need to know the name of the bucket you’re querying.
One of the issues you might run into is that some of the values of the GCS_LINK/bucket fields are stored in an empty value. In case of high/low/standard there’s an empty string. In case of size this will be “0”. That means that if you run e.g.
gcloud container clusters describe mycluster | grep “size”

this will only show the correct sizes if you are using the appropriate storageClassName. If for example your bucket is in the high storageClassName and you check the size, you will see the size for low storageClassName. The reason is that the value for size is the size of the contents of the bucket, not the bucket size in itself.

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Make the most of Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software, which will remind you of your events on time.

Smart Windows Easy Calendar – Smart Calendar, Calendar & Task…

Simple Way To Organize Notes,Tasks,To Do

Smart Windows Easy Calendar – Smart Calendar, Calendar & Task…

Simple Way To Organize Notes,Tasks,To Do


Perform Windows Update in Safe Mode with Networking

Perform Windows Update in Safe Mode with Networking

Perform Windows Update in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows Update Service can sometimes stop working because of a corrupt or missing msxml.dll file. If you are unable to use your program after doing a system restore, I will show how to repair the file with a tool I use for professional PC repair called R2D.

Presents the basics of Windows Server 2008, a new update to the Microsoft server operating system, along with a comparison with Windows Server 2003. It explains what is new in Windows Server 2008, how it differs from Windows Server 2003, and what the implications of these changes are. The DVD includes a 70 page eBook.

This video shows how to install a service pack from the command line in Windows Server 2012.

How To Fix This Windows Error – On Displaying Folders

If you want to show all the hidden folders on your computer on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, then watch this video. You can also fix this problem in a step-by-step manner in under 5 minutes.
I will explain a lot of things in this video and I will also include the links to all the screenshots, notes, and instructions. So, if you want to download this video and try this, then follow each and every step as I am going to show you.
Learn how to permanently remove all the hidden folders and files from your PC here:
Please watch: “How To Fix “This Folder Is Being Accesses” Error In Windows 10″”



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