GeneFUN! Cards Crack Keygen [Mac/Win] (April-2022)







GeneFUN! Cards Crack+ Free [Mac/Win]

geneFUN! Cards Cracked Version is an app designed to help you in the creation of your own deck of cards. It’s as simple as it sounds, only four quick steps are needed to make your very own deck:
1. Add images, and customize your cards with text fields.
2. Print your collection.
3. Enjoy the collection you created.
4. Share your creation with your friends.
Main features:
1. Graphics. You can design your own cards.
2. Print your own cards with an inexpensive printer.
3. Upload and save images.
4. Customize each item with unique photos and text.
5. Quickly create a deck for playing with friends.
6. Enjoy each deck you created.
7. Share your deck with your friends.
Known problems:
1. The design of each card can be rotated.
Known solutions:
1. Rotate the picture before printing.
geneFun! Cards is freeware, and can be freely distributed and used in any way you see fit. This means that you can share your own decks with your friends for free, or sell them and earn money. You may also edit the existing images and rearrange the order of the deck.

geneFUN! Cards is a top-notch utility for creating a fun and modern-looking deck of cards. Although the app has a vast variety of functions, it’s been designed to be as simple and approachable as possible.

Create your own deck

With geneFun! Cards, you can create a deck of your own. With just four simple steps, you can design and print your own deck:

Add images

In this screen, add a photo or two to your deck. You can adjust it to fit the rest of the photo, and rotate it freely. The image can be automatically resized if necessary. To make sure you have the best result, it’s highly recommended to use JPG or JPEG files.

Edit the content

The content is where you can add text to your cards, giving them a more personalized feel. To enter information, simply click on the field and enter the text. As you type, a character count will appear at the bottom. You can set your own font and choose from a handful of pre-defined fonts. You can also rotate the content, and resize it if necessary.

GeneFUN! Cards Crack + Free

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GeneFUN! Cards

The geneFun! Cards app is an easy and fast way to design your own deck of cards with custom backgrounds, pictures and texts, and to print them in different formats.

Price: Free

Developer: LineFlight

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Category: Card Games



Great app for android!

When I first downloaded this app from the Playstore, it did not work very well and it was very confusing to use. I had to uninstall and re-install it a few times to get it work. However, once it was working, it was good! The game is very fun and people can actually learn from the game. The app is fun to use and it really helps to kill time.

Note: If you uninstall the app and reinstall it, you’ll have to add the webapp again. It does not detect it, even if it is already added.

Website: &f=true

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Category: Card Games


Comentado por:


If I could rate this higher, I would. I have a real problem with the play online mode that does not work, as soon as you try to connect to a computer, it opens a box to choose the computer, and then the program stops working. I can not solve this.

I have no idea why the system of this app does not work.

The free version of the game does not work, it does not appear.

The problem with the card app in that it can not connect to the “play online mode”, as soon as you try to do so, the app stops working.

I have tried to install the link to the app in the app store, and I have tried many things, but it does not work.

Comentado por:

Anibal Luna


Great app for android!

When I first downloaded this app from the Playstore, it did not work very well and it was very confusing to use. I had to uninstall and re-install it a few times to get it work. However, once it was working, it was good! The game is very fun and people can actually learn from the game. The app is fun to use and

What’s New in the?

User-friendly and approachable interface
Customize each item with unique photos and text
Print, customize, and use to play
Easy and simple to use

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System Requirements For GeneFUN! Cards:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
3.5 GHz CPU or faster
1920×1080 or higher resolution
DirectX 11 graphics card
DirectX runtime 11 or above
Steampowered Account
Before installation we recommend purchasing an XBOX Live Gold membership.
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