Best LED Mask & Light Therapy Mask – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Having wrinkles, acne or pigmentation on face? Using the LED mask is one of the effective and safe and less invasive ways to improve these facial problems. The light therapy mask emits different colors of lights, which stimulate the natural response in our body to treat the common skin problems. The following top LED light mask is suitable for home use, so we can take the treatment anytime, anywhere.

Best LED Mask & Light Therapy Mask

1. BIODASH Acne Treatment & Anti-Aging Mask 3-color LED Face Mask – Best for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the most common facial problems that make us look older. It is basically the creases on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), lips (laugh lines) or etc. Using an LED face mask is one of the best ways to soften deep wrinkles because the colored light helps rejuvenate our facial skin.

a. How LED mask treats face wrinkles

To effectively banish the face wrinkle, we can use the Red Light mode of the LED mask. It is because red lights can boost the production of collagen, which is essential for hydrating and improving the elasticity of your facial skin. By wearing your face with LED mask, the red light can penetrate your forehead & cheek, and then improve the blood circulation under the skin. Better metabolism also means our facial skin can be healthier. So, we can see the LED face mask is basically using the artificial colored lights to stimulate the natural response in our body.

b. Why LED face mask is the best option

Comparing with the microneedles and Botox injection, face mask that produces therapeutic LED light is a relatively non-invasive and safer way to help get rid of wrinkles on the face. Besides, the injection would only treat the symptom because it just fills in artificial chemicals into the wrinkles, instead of reducing the loss of collagen.

c. Versatile functions (3 colors light mask)

Stimulating the production of collagen is the key function of the LED mask if you want to soften the gravitational & atrophic wrinkles on the face. The best part is that it has 3 LED light colors on the inner surface of the mask. Aside from red lights for wrinkles, we can also switch to blue lights for acne skin or Orange lights for pigmentation.

Before the application, we can wash and then dry our face. Then, we can put the light mask on the face and using the strap to fix it. Therefore, we have no need to hold the mask by hand during the whole treatment. After Turning the mask on, we can enjoy the wonderful light therapy for facial folds. You can even watch TV or reading a magazine when you are wearing an LED mask. However, it is recommended to take a nap when using it because the colored light might enter your eyes.

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