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There are 8 keyMACROs defined in the font. These represent the 8 categories of keyboard shortcuts for the Mac platform. The keyboard shortcut is specified in the format [key:modifier] where the modifer may be space or comma. For example the shortcut for the “make italic” function is “c+y” and the shortcut for the “make bold” function is “c+c”
UNICODE Description:
Unicode provides a basic set of character encoding to allow developers to use the same character sets on multiple platforms. BMFontGen supports the encoding up to version 11, which is the last version of Unicode where all characters from the Basic Latin block have been assigned a unique code. There is currently no way to alter the character mapping from one version to the next. All versions support all of the legacy character sets such as Latin-1, ISO Latin 1, Latin-5, Symbols, etc.
APPLICATION Description:
All applications contain a menu bar and a window, along with various buttons, labels and other widgets. The icon and the label are often small and sometimes difficult to read. The application title is usually displayed at the top of the window in a large and friendly font.
WIDGET Description:
Any item within an application is called a widget. A widget can be anything from a button, to a field in a form, to a text or image. Widget definitions are specified using the icon and label parameters of the widgets subcommand.
When an icon parameter is specified, the text “icon:” will be replaced by the name of the icon. All supported icons are included with the BMFontGen distribution. The name of an icon may also be preceded by the @ symbol. The @ symbol specifies that the name is a literal string that should not be interpreted as a Unicode code point. The @ symbol in the name may be omitted when the code point is the first character of a name.
CODEPAGE Description:
All characters in a font are encoded using Unicode and there is no information about how the glyphs are laid out in the file. Unicode provides a basic set of character encoding to allow developers to use the same character sets on multiple platforms. The Unicode code point for each character is the same on all platforms. The code page parameter of the font subcommand allows one to specify the code page to use when encoding the font.
METRIC Description:
Metrics are information about glyphs. Metrics can be used to measure 384a16bd22

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