Auto Post Blog is a powerful auto posting tool which makes it easy to manage multiple blog sites. It’s fully compatible with

POODLE Javascript Detection
A lightweight tool that checks for POODLE vulnerability in any web page. This is a port of the original script by Tan. It aims to be as easy to use as possible, so it doesn’t use any external libraries.
PoPole is based on the PoPole Project by Tan and Simon Mueller. The main focus is to be able to simply check a website for a potentially dangerous client side javascript. This

Yowsy! Easy RSS Reader
Yowsy! Easy RSS Reader is an RSS reader that reads an RSS feed in real time, then displays it as a news-list. It has the features of a news-list with many options for the reader. It is a simple, fast, easy to use program with a good interface.
Yowsy! Easy RSS Reader supports RSS2 and RSS1. It can also connect to a local feed.
It has many customizable options including:
Number of feeds,

BBSarchive – BBS Archive Viewer
BBSarchive – BBS Archive Viewer is a fast, easy to use and free BBS archive browser. This tool was developed to make browsing of your favorite BBS archive as simple and easy as possible.
BBSarchive lets you easily browse your favorite BBS archive using a graphical user interface. It uses a big list of BBS software known to be supported by the tool and

LSB – Liste de Tags Banques
LSB – Liste de Tags Banques is a program that keeps track of all your finance transactions. It allows you to keep a list of all your transactions and calculate various financial measures such as profit, losses, income, expense and taxes.
You can also export your transactions as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadsheets

MoBlocker – Anti-Malware
MoBlocker – Anti-Malware is an easy to use anti-malware tool that blocks and removes suspicious and potentially dangerous programs. This powerful tool can prevent your computer from being infected by malware, and can remove the malware if it is already installed on your computer.
It’s easy to install and use. You can simply run it and it will scan your computer for malware,S-type curves are typical output curves of fuel cells.
As used herein, the term xe2 84e02134c1

Easy MPEG to DVD Burner
EASEUS Partition Master Professional
Piano Lesson
Relational Database to Ontology Transformation Engine
Barcode Generator
Astro Flash Creator
gallery fx
Fretway Decomposer
iSumsoft PDF Password Refixer
Portable EF CheckSum Manager
D-Link AirPremier Access Point Manager
Easy-Fit Express

Quickly make powerful snapshots of your hard drive and save them to DVD for use when your computer does not start up.
Create automatic snapshots of your hard drive to ensure that your files and folders are always safe.
Restore snapshots and files to an earlier state of your hard drive.
Protect snapshots with passwords.
Take snapshots in the background, even while the computer is busy running programs.
Auto-launch the snapshot tool when your computer starts up.
Playback video clips from the snapshots, even as audio and images.
Optimize the snapshots before you burn them to DVD.
Check online for updates.
Manage snapshots with a snap-shot viewer.
Help texts are available in many languages.
Use one of the several snapshots created by your rollback program to restore your computer.
Help texts are available in many languages.
Set custom settings for your snapshots.
Set an expiration date for snapshots.
Use the snapshot viewer to examine snapshots.
Create custom shortcuts for snapshots.
Print snapshots as labels, stickers or labels for books.
Color labels
Preview pictures.
Adjust the number of snapshots you want to save with each snapshot.
Create snapshots of individual drives or partitions, or of all drives.
The snapshots created by this tool can be protected by passwords.
Create multiple snapshots from a single source.
Create snapshots according to a schedule.
Use snapshots as software.
Restore files and folders from a snapshot.
Use snapshots to restore your computer to an early state.
Create and protect snapshots with system keys.
The number of snapshots can be set for each individual drive.
Watch videos from the snapshots.
View a display of all snapshots in alphabetical order.
Create multiple movie files from a single snapshot.
View a display of all snapshots in alphabetical order.
Support snapshots of network drives.
Manage snapshots with a snap-shot viewer.
Recover files from a snapshot.
Display and protect snapshots with passwords.
View and protect snapshots with passwords.
Select and remove individual files.
Import individual files from a snapshot.
Preview and import files.
Locate files by their name, size, date or location.
Explore snapshots on the web.
Additional features
Keymacro’s homepage offers plenty of helpful information, including a customer service page, an online tutorial and a detailed list of Keymacro’s editions.
Additional online support can be found in the website’s support forums.


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