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• Optionally select file types to be tracked.
• Optionally select the drive that may contain orphaned files.
• Optionally select a time to run the process.
• Optionally select a time interval.
• The main window displays file listings for orphaned files.
• You can click to sort the listings.
• You can search the listings.
• You can delete the selected files.
• You can select specific files to quarantine.
• You can set the quarantine time.
• The quarantine window displays a summary of the file quarantine status.
• You can optionally monitor the file quarantine status on your computer.
• You can optionally restart the monitored process if the quarantine monitor detects any failed attempts to open the quarantine window.
Troubleshooting the file quarantine process:
• The program sometimes fails to quarantine orphaned files.
• The program may not quarantine orphaned files that are not found.
• The program may not quarantine orphaned files when the computer restarts.
• The quarantine process may occasionally fail to detect orphaned files.
• The program may not quarantine orphaned files that are already quarantined.
• The program may not quarantine multiple orphaned files at the same time.
• The program does not work when the computer has the Task Manager process and the Windows program taskbar (what is referred to as “hidden files”) enabled.
Use of any file type without a recommended settings will have the results printed in the Main window.
Use of any file type with no drive selected will have the results printed in the Main window.
System Requirements:
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
• Processor: 2 GHz
• Memory: 512 MB
• 2 GB free disk space
User Requirements:
• 2 GHz processor
• 512 MB RAM
• 100 MB free disk space

15 May 2018

– Added command line argument for a limit of tracking files.
– Fixed logging of multiple “Stop” messages in case of error.
– Fixed ENABLEDATE problem.
– Fixed “File not found” problem with “Unrecoverable Error” during the quarantine process.
– Fixed “All Delete” problem in file queue.
– Fixed “All Delete” problem in the quarantine window.
– Fixed “Unable to install” problem during 70238732e0

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Tariscope is a software that monitors calls made ​​by the participants in the PBX, records calls and transfers them to the database.
The code of the project is developed and maintained by professional programmers, who devote their time to development.
The implementation of such a complex project requires a great deal of labor and time, which is
used for the creation of test cases and the testing and debugging the software that is
The goal of this project is to create an efficient and feature-rich software that
is universal and also relatively simple to install and use. In order to achieve this goal, Tariscope has been carefully and thoughtfully designed.
The Tariscope system has been specially designed for the monitoring and analysis of calls made ​​with the use of various PBXs. The design of the project includes four software modules that are combined in a unique system.
This project is not a module of some other software, so it is impossible to download and install the project as a
separate package. Tariscope is a complete and independent project. Therefore, it must be downloaded
completely. It should be downloaded in a stable and official version.
After the installation is complete, users receive a message on the screen informing that they have already downloaded the required program. After this,
the installation can be continued as usual.
As a main component of the Tariscope system, the user can perform all the actions that are necessary to monitor the calls that are made ​​with the use of the PBX system. The user has the ability to register the rules that are necessary to carry out the tasks associated with this.
All tasks associated with monitoring calls are performed by special tools that are integrated into the monitoring system.
The main purpose of the system is to record and analyze the call traffic using various PBXs, and to help users
analyze and record the phone traffic of the company.
The system also has a call search and a call report facility. Users can set the rules for the call monitoring.
In accordance with the user’s actions, the system will carry out the tasks required to record the call traffic in the
The Tariscope system also allows users to set the rules of the PBX, so that they are not affected by the operating system or
the PBX. In this case, the user does not need to set the rules and you can watch the operations of the PBX only.
There are two ways to monitor the call traffic

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