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XM-EXE is intended to save time and trouble when converting XMs to EXEs, or to create EXEs of your XMs, to be played through any program that supports.EXE files, like a “normal” DOS program like “PE-EXE”. It supports many different types of XMs, with a few options to choose from. XM-EXE is very straight-forward to use, just specify the XM filename to be played, if it doesn’t exist, XM-EXE will create it. If you have any questions, just ask.
XM-EXE Screenshots:
1. Run the EXE with the XM filename in the command line.
2. Accept or reject the default installation.
3. Click OK.
4. Confirm you wish to create the XM folder.
5. Click OK.
6. Click on the.EXE in the installation directory, not the main XM-EXE.
7. Select “Open” and then click OK.
XM-EXE Settings:
The settings “tab” is where you can modify some of the settings that might be useful to your XM, to your XM-EXE conversion. If the settings are left blank, the default settings will be used.
■ NNA:
Set to “1” to enable non-linear NNA
■ Linear NNA:
Set to “2” to enable linear NNA
■ CA:
Set to “1” to enable non-linear CA (if “Default CA is used”)
■ Default CA:
Set to “2” to enable linear CA (if “Default CA is used”)
■ Scaling:
Set to “1” to scale the volume
■ Audio Speed:
Set to “1” to speed up the XM
■ Volume Ramping:
Set to “1” to enable volume ramping. You will have to calibrate the volume setting for yourself, using the XM player.
■ Play “Max Volume”:
Set this to “1” to play the maximum volume
■ Pan:
Set to “1” to enable panning. You will have to calibrate the panning setting for yourself, using the XM player.
■ Gain:
Set to “1” to enable

XM-EXE Crack + Download

■ a series of instructions to be executed by a program, but before the program receives the macro arguments. An example would be “MARK “START” + 9″, which tells the VB compiler to save the reference to 9 on the current stack before the VB runtime is called.
■ Macro Arguments:
■ the optional macro arguments
■ default macro arguments
■ a symbol
■ name of a variable
■ a word
■ the string XM-EXE itself
■ default macro arguments:
■ w=WORD
■ d=name of variable (default: “arguments”)
■ v=the string “XM-EXE” (default)
■ x=symbol (default: nothing)
■ xn=symbol (default: “START”)
■ xm=file name of XM (default: file name is the XM filename)
■ xmx=full path of XM (default: not set)
■ xmv=volume (default: not set)
■ xm=panning (default: not set)
■ xn=number of XMs to play (default: 1)
■ xms=sample rate (default: sample rate of the original XM)
■ xmx=filename for XMs to play (default: NOTHING)
■ xmm=file name of MOD (default: file name is the MOD filename)
■ xms=sample rate (default: sample rate of the original XM)
■ xmh=number of MODs to play (default: 1)
■ xmt=number of MODs to follow (default: 0)
■ xmmt=name of MOD to follow (default: the default MOD name)
■ xmsm=sample rate of STM (default: same as xmh)
■ xms=sample rate of STM (default: same as xmsm)
■ xmta=number of S3Ms to play (default: 1)
■ xmsa=sample rate of S3Ms (default: same

XM-EXE Activation

XM-EXE 1.4.2 is now availabe:

This update:
– changed target to Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 only.
– added support for looping XMs (XM loop type can be set in xm-exe.ini file).
– changed AC3 decoding (libsndfile) so that 5.1 surround XMs can be played if they are encoded with surround (AAC/AC3 -s 5).

XM-EXE 1.4.1 is now available:

This update:
– fixed bugs in XM playback.

XM-EXE 1.4.0 is now available:

This update:
– Fixed rare crash in XM playback.
– Fixed bugs in XM archive parsing.

XM-EXE 1.3.9 is now available:

This update:
– fixed bug in XM playback.

XM-EXE 1.3.8 is now available:

This update:
– fixed bugs in XM playback.
– fixed bug in “open” command that caused a crash.

XM-EXE 1.3.7 is now available:

This update:
– fixed bug in sample interpolation code.
– XM archive parsing fixed for archives with unicode XM names.
– XM playback now displays title of XMs.
– XM-EXE reads and processes M3U playlists in addition to URLs.


What’s New In XM-EXE?

This is a big fat XM player. It provides full support for XMs, MODs and S3M, MTM, IT and XM-EXE files. It also does some basic decompression and sampling, and plays back some online videos. It also has a multi-XM feature.
Here are some key features of “XM Player”:
■ Full support for XM, MOD and S3M, MTM, IT and XM-EXE files.
■ Supports sample rate conversion, so you can play any XM or MOD file at any sample rate.
■ Supports S3M, MOD, MTM and XM-EXE compression.
■ Supports DirectX 7 sound.
■ Supports 7-band equalizers and a surround sound playback mode.
■ Supports an option to save/load audio settings.
■ Supports VOX control.
■ Supports up to 5 XMs in one EXE.
■ Supports compressed XMs.
■ Supports multi-XM: XMs stored in one file can be selected and played.
■ Supports multi-XM compression: multiple XMs stored in one file can be compressed together.
■ Supports sample-rate conversion: play the same song in multiple sample rates.
■ Supports code page: supports codes from 65000 to 936.
■ Supports voice file: supports saving audio to WAV, AIF or MP3 files.
■ Supports video file: supports converting to wmv, mpg, mov, mpeg or avi video.
■ Supports file type ID: support customized video files
■ Supports sample key: supports saving audio with 128 or 256 key.
■ Supports waveform display: supports showing audio waveform.
■ Supports mouse control: supports controlling with mouse pointer.
■ Supports visualizer: supports showing LFO and VU meter.
■ Supports shortcut key: supports using keyboard shortcuts.
■ Supports feature key: supports customizing shortcuts.
■ Supports file operation: supports creating, opening, saving and closing.
■ Supports audio volume: supports volume control by slider.
■ Supports pan control: supports controlling left/right pan.
■ Supports crossfader: supports crossfader on/off.
■ Supports midi playback: supports playing midi music.
■ Supports crossfader mode: supports MIDI crossfader on

System Requirements For XM-EXE:

Intel Pentium 4 processor
12.5GB of hard drive space
5.1MB CD drive
DVD-ROM drive
Internet connectivity
Mouse, keyboard and speakers (optional)
Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024×768, speakers and a
coaxial or
dub or
parallel port or
Serial port
CD-ROM drive
Mouse, keyboard and speakers (optional


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