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zzStars is a free screensaver that takes you on a trip through space. It includes features such as a time and date animation, a glowing diamond star, and a batman logo. Just like Microsoft’s Starfield Simulation screensaver, zzStars is a fun screensaver with no practical function. Its only purpose is to make you look at the screen and smile.Music isn’t just for your ears anymore.

Now, you can listen to music with your eyes.

The new Disney EyeMusic app is the first digital music app to let you listen to music through your eyes.

It uses an “infrared light” and the app’s own algorithms to let you see and hear the music that you’re listening to.

The app itself also works with the phone’s infrared remote, so you can control the app and your music using your phone’s remote.

So far, the app only lets you listen to music for three to five minutes at a time.

Disney EyeMusic on Twitter

Disney EyeMusic on Apple

Also on mobile and tablet:

– Apple Watch: Sleep mode, Satori smart alarm clock and Apple Music

– iPhone: Music app, Apple Music, Apple Music playlist picker, Apple Music subscription

– iPad: Apple Music, Apple Music album picker, Apple Music subscriptionQ:

What is that “doesn’t exist in local repository” error message?

I’m getting an error message, but I’m not quite sure what it means.
[root@vm]# git checkout v1.2.4
error: pathspec ‘v1.2.4’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

I’m not sure what a pathspec is, and if I don’t have a specific file, it should error with a similar message.


If you’re checking out a remote, it means you’re not on the same repository as the remote repository. This can happen if you clone a repository from another system, move it to a different folder on your system, or otherwise change the repository location.

A brief description will be given of the configuration of a wireless communication system to which the present invention is applicable.
FIG. 1 shows the configuration of a wireless communication system.
The wireless communication system shown in FIG. 1 is the 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) long term evolution (LTE) system

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ZzStars Activation

What’s New In ZzStars?

zzStars is a screensaver that depicts full-speed traveling through a starfield, and is inspired by the famous classical Microsoft Starfield Simulation screensaver. However, zzStars is a bit different from its predecessor, as it brings two extra elements to the table, a time and date animation and a batman symbol picture. While the date and time aspect might be making sense, the batman logo doesn't seem necessary. In fact, it feels a bit dowdy, having that thrown in like that. Still, there might be users who look at this particular screensaver and find it worthy. For anyone interested, you can either copy the executable into the OS main folder (usually system32) and select/configure it from Screen saver Settings, or you can simply use the manual operation, launching the EXE.

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Every user needs a lock screen

Sun Feb 24

Well-thought-out presentation of the theme, “yyyy-mm-dd”, is enough to get this simple lock screen running and show when it launches. Some good ideas, though, with the animation and the stock image provided. Very simple program.

Every user needs a lock screen

You get what you pay for

Sat Nov 28

If you have the money to spend on a screensaver, don't waste it. There is enough free material on the web to get a screensaver up and running in no time. This one is simply too limited.

Every user needs a lock screen

Could be better

Tue Oct 26

I'm not fond of the whole, “zzz_zzz_ZZZ_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz”, thing. If it wasn't for the same old thing, I could live without the screenshot on startup, but the date and time part could be replaced with the creation date and time.

Could be better


Thu Nov 29

Nothing on the website gives any indication as to which is the original. But either way, this one is a perfect screensaver.

Could be better

Every user needs a lock screen

Sat Oct 25

This one is great, as others have pointed out, but the name 'zzzstars' doesn't make sense. It also has no explanation of how to configure the screensaver in windows.

Every user needs a lock screen

Could be better

Fri Aug 16

The fact that I have to

System Requirements:

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Mac OS X 10.10 or later
9.0 or later
4.0 or later
The game was programmed and built using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 and Unity3D 4.6.6.
The game is free and may be used by anyone. In return, we ask you to keep our site safe and


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